Error Code [7102] - Mitsubishi Electric PURY-HP72 Service Handbook

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[7-9 Error Code Definitions and Solutions: Codes [7000 - 7999] ]

Error Code [7102]

1. Error code definition
Wrong number of connected units
2. Error definition and error detection method
The number of connected indoor units is "0" or exceeds the allowable value.
3. Error source, cause, check method and remedy
Error source
Outdoor unit
Number of indoor units connected to the outdoor
terminal block (TB3) for indoor/ outdoor transmis-
sion lines exceeds limitations described below.
Number of units
Total number of indoor units
Number of BC controllers
Number of
Main BC controllers
Number of Sub BC controllers
Total number of LOSSNAY
units (During auto address
start-up only)
Total number of outdoor units
Disconnected transmission line from the outdoor
unit or BC controller
Short-circuited transmission line
When (2) and (3) apply, the following display will
The model selection switch (SW5-7) on the out-
door unit is set to OFF. (Normally set to ON)
Outdoor unit address setting error
The outdoor units in the same refrigerant circuit do
not have sequential address numbers.
GA- or HA-type BC controller is connected as a
main BC controller to a system HP192 or above.
Restriction on the number of units
1 - 18 : HP72 model
1 - 24 : HP96 model
1 - 36 : HP144 model
1 - 48 : HP192 model
(HP72- HP144 models only)
0 or 1
0,1 or 2
0 or 1
1 : HP72 - HP96 models
2 : HP144 - HP192 models
ME remote controller
Nothing appears on the remote controller be-
cause it is not powered.
MA remote controller
"HO" or "PLEASE WAIT" blinks.
Check method and remedy
Check whether the number of units con-
nected to the outdoor terminal block
(TB3) for indoor/ outdoor transmission
lines does not exceed the limitation. (See
(1) and (2) on the left.)
Check (2) - (3) on the left.
Check whether the transmission line for
the terminal block for centralized control
(TB7) is not connected to the terminal
block for the indoor/outdoor transmission
line (TB3).
Check the setting for the model selection
switch on the outdoor unit (Dipswitches
SW5-7 on the outdoor unit control board).
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents