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[4-1 Outdoor Unit Circuit Board Arrangement ]
Electromagnetic relay
DC reactor
Noise filter
Note 2
Terminal block
for power supply
Fuse (F4)
1) Exercise caution not to damage the bottom and the front panel of the control box. Damage to these parts affect the water-
proof and dust proof properties of the control box and may result in damage to its internal components.
2) Faston terminals have a locking function. Make sure the cable heads are securely locked in place. Press the tab on the ter-
minals to remove them.
3) Control box houses high temperature parts. Be well careful even after turning off the power source.
4) Disconnect the outdoor unit fan board connector (CNINV) before performing maintenance work. To plug or unplug-
connectors, check that the outdoor unit fan is not rotating and that the voltage of capacitor in the main circuit is 20
VDC or below. The capacitor may collect a charge and cause an electric shock when the outdoor unit fan rotates in
windy conditions. Refer to the wiring nameplate for details.
5) To connect wiring to TB7, check that the voltage is 20VDC or below.
6) Reconnect the connector (CNINV) to the fan board after completion of maintenance work.
7) When opening or closing the front panel of the control box, do not let it come into contact with any of the internal components.
Before inspecting the inside of the control box, turn off the power, keep the unit off for at least 10 minutes, and confirm that
the capacitor voltage (inverter main circuit) has dropped to 20 V DC or less. It takes about 10 minutes to discharge electricity
after the power supply is turned off.
8) When the power is turned on, the compressor is energized even while it is not operating. Before turning on the power, discon-
nect all power supply wires from the compressor terminal block, and measure the insulation resistance of the compressor.
Check the compressor for a graound fault. If the insulation resistance is 1.0 MΩ or below, connect all power supply wires to
the compressor and turn on the power to the outdoor unit. The liquid refrigerant in the compressor will evaporate by energizing
the compressor.
Rush current protection resistor
(R1, R5) Note 2
Note 1
Fuse (F5)
Ground terminal
Control board
FAN INV board
Terminal block for transmission line
(TB3, TB7)
INV board
- 88 -
M-NET board

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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