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Error Code [4102] (Ykmu) - Mitsubishi Electric PURY-HP72 Service Handbook

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[7-6 Error Code Definitions and Solutions: Codes [4000 - 4999] ]

Error Code [4102] (YKMU)

1. Error code definition
Open phase
2. Error definition and error detection method
An open phase of the power supply (L1 phase, L2 phase) was detected at power on.
The L3 phase current is outside of the specified range.
The open phase of the power supply may not always be detected if a power voltage from another circuit is applied.
3. Cause, check method and remedy
Power supply problem
Open phase voltage of the power supply
Power supply voltage drop
Noise filter problem
Coil problem
Circuit board failure
Wiring failure
Blown fuse
CT3 failure
Control board failure
Check method and remedy
Check the input voltage to the power supply terminal block TB1.
Check the coil connections.
Check for coil burnout.
Check that the voltage across TB21 and TB22 on the noise filter
board is 414V or above.
Confirm that the voltage at the control board connector CNAC is
190 V or above.
If the voltage is below 190, check the wiring between noise filter
CN6, noise filter CN2, transformer box, and control board CNAC.
Confirm that the wiring between noise filter TB23 and INV board
SC-L3 is put through CT3.
Check F01 on the control board, F4, and F5 for a blown fuse.
->If a blown fuse is found, check for a short-circuiting or earth fault
of the actuator.
Replace the inverter if this problem is detected after the compres-
sor has gone into operation.
Replace the control board if none of the above is causing the
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents