8-17 Bc Controller Maintenance Instructions - Mitsubishi Electric PURY-HP72 Service Handbook

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[8-17 BC Controller Maintenance Instructions ]

8-17 BC Controller Maintenance Instructions

1. Service panel
Work procedure
1) Remove the two lock nuts on the control box, loosen the
other two, and remove the control box.
2) Remove the three fixing screws on the service panel,
and remove the service panel.
3) Remove the nine machine screws on the ceiling panel,
and remove the ceiling panel.
2. Control box
Work procedure
(1) To check the inside of the control box, remove the
two lock nuts on the control box cover.
1) Check the terminal connection of the power wire or of
the transmission line.
2) Check the transformer.
3) Check the address switch.
(2) When the control board is replaced, the followings
must be noted.
(1) Check that the board type is G,GA (HA), or GB (HB).
(2) Check that the wire and the connector are properly con-
It is not required to remove the two fixing screws on the
control box when checking the inside.
*Special care must be taken when replacing heavy parts.
Explanatory figure
Control Box
Explanatory figure
CMB-1016NU-G, GA, HA
- 319 -
Ceiling panel
Service panel

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents