Making Interlock Settings From An Ma Remote Controller; Ma Remote Controller (Par-21Maau) - Mitsubishi Electric PURY-HP72 Service Handbook

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[6-5 Making Interlock Settings from an MA Remote Controller ]


Making Interlock Settings from an MA Remote Controller

LOSSNAY interlock setting (Make this setting only when necessary.)

MA Remote Controller (PAR-21MAAU)

* When the upper controller is connected, make the setting using the upper controller.
NOTE: When using LOSSNAY units in conjunction, interlock the addresses of all indoor units within the group and address of LOSSNAY units.
Perform this operation to enter the interlock setting between the LOSSNAY and the indoor units to which the remote controller is connected, or to
search and delete registered information.
In the following example, the address of the indoor unit is 05 and the address of the LOSSNAY unit is 30.
[Operation Procedures]
Press the
[ON/OFF] button on the remote controller to bring the unit to a stop.
The display window on the remote controller must look like the figure below to proceed to step
Press and hold the [FILTER] and [
indoor unit to which the remote controller is connected.
Search result
- The indoor unit address and the interlocked LOSSNAY address will appear alternately.
<Indoor unit address and indoor unit>
- Without interlocked LOSSNAY settings
If no settings are necessary, exit the window by pressing and holding the [FILTER] and [
Go to step 1. Registration Procedures to make the interlock settings with LOSSNAY units, or go to step 2. Search Procedures to search for a
particular LOSSNAY unit.
Go to step 3. Deletion Procedures to delete any LOSSNAY settings.
< 1. Registration Procedures >
To interlock an indoor unit with a LOSSNAY unit, press the [ TEMP. (
unit, and select its address (01 to 50).
Press the [
) or (
Indoor unit address
LOSSNAY address
Press the [TEST] button to register the address of the selected indoor unit and the interlocked LOSSNAY unit.
- Registration completed
The registered indoor unit address and IC, and the interlocked LOSSNAY address and LC will appear alternately.
- Registration error
If the registration fails, the indoor unit address and the LOSSNAY address will be displayed alternately.
Registration cannot be completed: The selected unit address does not have a corresponding indoor unit or a LOSSNAY unit.
Registration cannot be completed: Another LOSSNAY has already been interlocked with the selected indoor unit.
] buttons simultaneously for two seconds to perform a search for the LOSSNAY that is interlocked with the
<LOSSNAY address and LOSSNAY>
)] button to select the address of the LOSSNAY to be interlocked (01 to 50).
- 157 -
] buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds.
) or (
)] button on the remote controller that is connected to the indoor

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents