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Features; Built-In Cd-R; Remote Control Unit; Linux Operating System - Sony UPA-P100MD User Manual

Digital capture unit and remote control unit
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Built-in CD-R

The built in CD-R drive of the Digital Capture Unit
allows you to save images to CD-R discs. Using the
Digital Capture Unit's configuration screen, you can
choose to write images to CD-R discs using either
single-session or multi-session recording.

Remote Control Unit

The remote control allows one-touch control of the
unit. With its standard 80-character display, its 8
function keys, and uppercase and lowercase typing
capabilities, the remote control unit is versatile and
easy to use.

Linux Operating System

The flexibility of the Linux operating system does not
require long shutdown and start-up procedures. This
means that you can turn the unit on or off as you like,
except when writing information on a CD-R disc or the
hard disk.

Networking Capabilities

Although the Digital Capture Unit is connected to a
single computer during setup, it can also be configured
for use through a local area network (LAN). This is
highly useful when it is necessary for several users to
share view images on the unit's hard disk. However,
you can only control image capture and recording with
the remote control unit or a custom-made control unit,
not through the network.

Direct Printout Capabilities

Connecting a digital color printer such as the UP-D50
or UP-D70XR to the Digital Capture Unit allows
images to be printed directly from the Digital Capture


Table of Contents

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