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Remote Control Unit Overview; Features; Palm Size; Large Display - Sony UPA-P100MD User Manual

Digital capture unit and remote control unit
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Table of Contents
Remote Control Unit
The RM-P110 Remote Control Unit is used to control
the operation of the UPA-P100MD Digital Capture
Unit. It is connected to the Digital Capture Unit
through an RS-232C port. This section takes you
through a quick overview of the unit.


Palm Size

The RM-P110 is compact and light, making it very
easy to use.

Large Display

The remote control unit is equipped with an LCD that
can display 4 rows of 20 characters each for easy

8 Function Keys

The remote control comes with 8 function keys that
can be used to save strings of up to 16 characters to
each of the 8 function keys. This allows you to assign
doctor names, patient names, or procedure names to
the function keys.

RS-232C Port

The RM-P110 handles data through an RS-232C port,
making it easy to design custom control switches.


Table of Contents

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