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Upa-P100Md Audible Signals - Sony UPA-P100MD User Manual

Digital capture unit and remote control unit
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UPA-P100MD Audible
The UPA-P100MD emits various audible signals in
different situations, often accompanied by a remote
control message. Here is a list of events and the UPA-
P100MD audible signals that accompany them.
SCSI or printer error.
Unit becomes ready to capture images.
Start of image capture (or pressing [1] on the remote control unit).
UPA-P100MD searching for a video signal.
Connection of a printer to the UPA-P100MD, and when each full page
of images is captured.
Start of printing or saving images to a CD-R disc. When using the
RM-P110 Remote Control Unit, this signal is output when you push
[2] or [3].
Problem when writing images to a CD-R disc.
Printer initialization error.
Print or Burn is selected.
Audible signal
Low-pitch beep (200 Hz, 0.5 s)
3 consecutive, high-pitch beeps (1000 Hz, 0.25 s
High-pitch beep (1000 Hz, 0.15 s)
Repetitive, high-pitch beep (1000Hz, 0.15 s each)
Medium-pitch beep (750 Hz, 0.15 s)
Medium-pitch beep (750 Hz, 0.15 s)
Low-pitch beep (200 Hz, 0.5 s)
Low-pitch beep (200 Hz, 0.5 s)
Medium-pitch beep (750 Hz, 1.5 s)


Table of Contents

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