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Finishing Examinations; Managing Upa-P100Md Hard Disk Space; Saving Images To Your Computer - Sony UPA-P100MD User Manual

Digital capture unit and remote control unit
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Finishing Examinations

To avoid problems, mistakes, or lost files, it is very
important to conclude a patient's examination
properly. Therefore, when you are done capturing,
printing, or saving files on a CD-R disc for a patient, it
is vital that you press [0] on the remote control
keyboard. This way, the unit is ready for a new patient
Managing UPA-P100MD
Hard Disk Space
Because the UPA-P100MD has a limited hard disk
capacity, it is necessary to manage the images on it
carefully. When the hard disk becomes full, you
cannot capture any further images. The RM-P110
Remote Control Unit displays the following messages
serve to help you manage the UPA-P100MD hard disk
space. These are:
• Hard Disk 80% used. See user manual.
• Hard Disk FULL. See user manual.
When the first of the two messages above appears, you
should back up the oldest images on the UPA-
P100MD hard disk. Follow one of the procedures
below to clear space on the UPA-P100MD hard disk
for new images.

Saving Images to Your Computer

Follow the procedure outlined in "Viewing
Images" to access the images of specific doctors
and patients on the UPA-P100MD.
Click the thumbnail of the first image that you
want to save. The image appears on the right.
Be sure to select the oldest images on the hard disk
of the UPA-P100MD. The date that an image was
captured appears above the image when you open
Click the image. The download process begins.
Follow the instructions on the screen.
Repeat for other images, as necessary.
When you finish saving images to your computer,
select the address of the UPA-P100MD in the
[Address] box of your Internet browser. The Sony
UPA-P100MD screen appears.
Click [Configuration] to access the configuration


Table of Contents

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