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The Configuration Screen - Sony UPA-P100MD User Manual

Digital capture unit and remote control unit
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The Configuration
Type the name of the hospital, clinic, or department
associated with the Digital Capture Unit. This area
can be composed of a maximum of 7 alphanumerical
characters. When capturing images, this name
automatically becomes part of the file name saved on
the hard disk, therefore a short name is preferable.
When consulting your files, it makes it easier to
determine their origin.
You can only use alphanumerical characters (upper
and lowercase) and hyphens with the UPA-P100MD.
All other characters are rejected, including spaces. In
the configuration screen, an error message appears to
tell you so when you click [Save Config] to inform
you if there are illegal characters in use or a name
exceeds the maximum permitted length.
The UPA-P100MD configuration screen contains
settings that control how the unit operates. These
settings are explained below. The procedure for
accessing the configuration screen is explained in
"Configuring the UPA-P100MD".
This setting needs to be adjusted according to the
type of incoming video signal, PAL or NTSC. This
usually depends on the country in which the device is
This setting needs to be adjusted according to the
type of incoming video signal. Color saves images as
24-bit color images, whereas Mono saves images as
8-bit black-and-white images.
Be sure to select this box when you use the RM-P110
Remote Control Unit and want to input your patient,
doctor, and procedure names. When you clear
[Remote Control Unit Support], the unit assigns
names automatically.


Table of Contents

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