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Viewing Images - Sony UPA-P100MD User Manual

Digital capture unit and remote control unit
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• Also note that when you specify a default
procedure name and select [Use default] in the
configuration screen, the default name appears
allowing you to modify it, if necessary. If you do
not need to modify the name, simply press the
[ENT] key to proceed. See "The Configuration
Screen" for details.
Make sure that your video device is connected to
the UPA-P100MD and outputting a video signal.
When you are ready to capture an image, press [1]
on the remote control keyboard.
Repeat step 5 as long as you want to capture
images from your video device. Once you have
completed capturing images you can print them
(see "Printing Images"), save them on CD-R disc
(see "Saving Images to CD-R discs"), or finish the
operation by pressing [0] on the keyboard of the
remote control. Pressing [0] returns the display to
[Enter Patients Name] so you can begin a new
operation immediately.
To preview the images that you have captured and
saved on the Digital Capture Unit hard disk, refer to

"Viewing Images".

Viewing Images
To be able to see the images that you have captured
and saved on the unit's hard disk, proceed as outlined
below. This can be done from a computer connected to
the unit directly or through a network.
Start your Internet browser.
In the [Address] bar, type the following:
• If using the UPA-P100MD through a network:
http://network IP address/
For example:
• If the UPA-P100MD is connected directly to your
For example:
The following screen appears.
Click [Images]. The following screen appears.


Table of Contents

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