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Accessing Images On A Cd-R Disc - Sony UPA-P100MD User Manual

Digital capture unit and remote control unit
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While writing images on a CD-R disc, the unit
cannot be used. You must wait until the message
[Burning a CD] disappears and the remote control
display returns to the function screen.
If you are in the [Single session] recording mode
the tray opens at the end of the writing procedure,
and you must change the disc in the CD-R drive
before performing steps 1 and 2 again.
If you are in the [Multi session] recording mode
the tray does not open at the end of the writing
procedure, and you can continue saving images for
the same patient or a different patient on the same
CD-R disc.
Accessing Images on a
CD-R Disc
To access the images on a CD-R disc created with the
UPA-P100MD, proceed as explained below.
You must use a PC equipped with a MultiRead drive
to be able to read this CD-R disc. A MultiRead (MR)
drive is a drive with the ability to read all of the
following types of media: CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-R,
and CD-RW.
Insert the CD-R disc into the CD-ROM drive of
your computer.
On the desktop, double-click [My Computer].
In the [My Computer] window, double-click the
CD-ROM drive. The following window opens.
If you created the CD-R disc in the [Single
session] recording mode, the window above
contains a list of the images on it.
Double-click the folder that contains the images
you want to view.
Double-click the image that you want to view.
When you double-click an image, depending on the
[File Types] settings in the [Folder Options] of
Windows Explorer, a program starts automatically and
opens the image.


Table of Contents

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