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Sony UPA-P100MD User Manual

Digital capture unit and remote control unit
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  Summary of Contents for Sony UPA-P100MD

  • Page 1 3-206-230-11(1) Digital Capture Unit Remote Control Unit User’s Guides UPA-P100MD RM-P110 © 2001 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 This device requires shielded interface cables to comply with Europe FCC emission limits. Plug Type HOSPITAL HOSPITAL LP-34A Model UPA-P100MD is Non-Patient Equipment. GRADE* GRADE* This unit can not be used in the vicinity of patients. Female end E62405 LR53182...
  • Page 3 The following specifications are applied only to the UPA-P100MD: Storage and transport temperature –20°C to 60°C (–4°F to 140°F) Storage and transport humidity 20 % to 80 % (no condensation allowed) Protection against electric shock Class I Protection against harmful ingress of water...
  • Page 4: Before Using The Digital Capture Unit

    Do not connect the RM-P110 to the UPA-P100MD when it is on. Please make sure that the UPA-P100MD is off before connecting the RM-P110. Connecting the RM-P110 to the UPA-P100MD when it is on could cause it to malfunction.
  • Page 5 Digital Capture Unit User’s Guide UPA-P100MD...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Accessing Images on a CD-R Disc ....23 Finishing Examinations ......... 24 Overview Managing UPA-P100MD Hard Disk Space ... 24 Saving Images to Your Computer ....... 24 Digital Capture Unit Overview ......7 Saving Images to CD-R discs ......25 Features ............
  • Page 7: Overview

    Network (if applicable) The illustration above presents the connections of the UPA-P100MD. For explanations about the UPA- P100MD connectors and rear panel, see “Rear Panel” on page 10. For more about the RM-P110 Remote Control Unit, see “Remote Control” on page 11 and consult the Remote Control Unit User’s Guide on page...
  • Page 8: Features

    Features Built-in CD-R The built in CD-R drive of the Digital Capture Unit allows you to save images to CD-R discs. Using the Digital Capture Unit’s configuration screen, you can choose to write images to CD-R discs using either single-session or multi-session recording. Remote Control Unit The remote control allows one-touch control of the unit.
  • Page 9: Presentation Of The Digital Capture Unit

    Presentation of the Digital Capture Unit Front Panel This section describes the unit’s front panel. DIGITAL CAPTURE UNIT UPA-P100MD 1 Power switch and indicator 4 CD-R drive Busy indicator This button turns the unit on or off. The green This indicator blinks when the CD-R drive is busy indicator lights up when the unit is on.
  • Page 10: Rear Panel

    • ID: 001 Remote Control Unit or other control device Refer to the appropriate printer user’s guide for designed for use with the UPA-P100MD. If you details. connect a device other than the remote control to this connector, there is a risk of damage to the 7 RGB output (D-sub, 15-pin) device.
  • Page 11: Remote Control

    qf Parallel port (D-sub, 25-pin) This port is used to connect to a custom-made external control unit to control the device. Refer to the pin assignments in the “Specifications and Troubleshooting” chapter of this guide. qg PS2 port (2, mini DIN, 6-pin) These ports are used for servicing purposes only.
  • Page 12: Setup

    P100MD. UPA-P100MD and your computer is local. On the rear panel of the UPA-P100MD, locate the Warning network port. Connect a LAN cross cable to this The Remote control port outputs 5 V; therefore do not port.
  • Page 13: Preliminary Settings

    In the [Network] dialog box, click [OK]. Restart your computer. If you want to use the UPA-P100MD through a network, you must change its network settings. Proceed to “Connecting the Digital Capture Unit to a Network”. If you use the UPA-P100MD locally, you can configure the UPA-P100MD immediately.
  • Page 14: Connecting The Digital Capture Unit To A Network

    Using an RJ-45 cross cable (10Base-T or 100Base- Connecting the Digital TX), connect the UPA-P100MD directly to the appropriate network interface on your computer. Capture Unit to a Turn on the unit and wait until it is ready for Network operations.
  • Page 15: Configuring The Upa-P100Md

    If this occurs, please contact a Sony service center near you. Type the following address in the address bar of • If you forget the IP address of the UPA-P100MD your Internet browser. after changing it, you will not be able to access •...
  • Page 16: The Configuration Screen

    24-bit color images, whereas Mono saves images as Note 8-bit black-and-white images. You can only use alphanumerical characters (upper and lowercase) and hyphens with the UPA-P100MD. • All other characters are rejected, including spaces. In Be sure to select this box when you use the RM-P110...
  • Page 17 Note when printing. Be sure to back up the image files on the hard disk of The UP-D50 and UP-D70XR default SCSI settings the UPA-P100MD before reaching the [Expiration are: Time]. See “Managing UPA-P100MD Hard Disk • Terminator: on Space” for details.
  • Page 18 Be sure to select this check box when you want to capture images from an analog printer synchronized with the UPA-P100MD. The capture of images is delayed by the time specified in the [Delay value (in milliseconds)] box. By default, this is 250.
  • Page 19: Operation

    You are • If [Video Printer Support] is selected in the UPA- unable to use the UPA-P100MD until a video P100MD configuration screen and if there is no device is properly connected and turned on.
  • Page 20: Viewing Images

    Once you have completed capturing images you can print them (see “Printing Images”), save them on CD-R disc • If the UPA-P100MD is connected directly to your (see “Saving Images to CD-R discs”), or finish the computer:
  • Page 21 In the Choose a doctor screen, click the name of Thumbnails of the patient images appear on the the doctor whose images you want to view. The left. Click the desired thumbnail and the image following screen appears. appears on the right as illustrated below. (Sample images) In the Choose a patient screen, click the name of the patient whose images you want to view.
  • Page 22: Printing Images

    12X recording. wait until the message [Printing…] disappears and the remote control display returns to the function Insert a blank CD-R disc in the UPA-P100MD screen. CD-R drive. Alternately, you can use a CD-R that was recorded in the UPA-P100MD [Multi session] Continue capturing images for the same patient, recording mode.
  • Page 23: Accessing Images On A Cd-R Disc

    To access the images on a CD-R disc created with the the tray opens at the end of the writing procedure, UPA-P100MD, proceed as explained below. and you must change the disc in the CD-R drive before performing steps 1 and 2 again.
  • Page 24: Finishing Examinations

    The RM-P110 keyboard. This way, the unit is ready for a new patient Remote Control Unit displays the following messages serve to help you manage the UPA-P100MD hard disk space. These are: • Hard Disk 80% used. See user manual.
  • Page 25: Saving Images To Cd-R Discs

    When you finish writing images to CD-R discs, Be sure to type an expiration time that will only select the address of the UPA-P100MD in the delete the images that you have saved in steps 2 to [Address] box of your Internet browser. The Sony 4.
  • Page 26: Specifications And Troubleshooting

    Specifications and Troubleshooting The following section contains information about general specifications, pin assignments, and troubleshooting. General Specifications Item Specifications Notes Celeron 566 MHz or faster Main Memory 64 MB or more 20 GB or more Linux Recording Media CD-R discs CD-R disc 12×...
  • Page 27: Upa-P100Md Audible Signals

    High-pitch beep (1000 Hz, 0.15 s) UPA-P100MD searching for a video signal. Repetitive, high-pitch beep (1000Hz, 0.15 s each) Connection of a printer to the UPA-P100MD, and when each full page Medium-pitch beep (750 Hz, 0.15 s) of images is captured.
  • Page 28: Pin Assignments

    Refer to the illustrations and chart below for the pin assignments. Parallel Port Pin Assignments Female connector on the rear panel of the UPA-P100MD Pin number Signal STROBE (Not supported by the unit at this time)
  • Page 29: Remote Control Port Pin Assignments

    RM-P110 Remote Control Unit or other control device designed for use with the UPA-P100MD. If you connect a device other than the remote control to this connector, there is a risk of damage to the device.
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    • Verify that your are using a blank CD-R disc. • If you use a previously written CD-R disc, check that it was written in the UPA-P100MD [Multi session] recording mode. (CD-R discs written in the [Single session] recording mode or on other systems cannot be used.)
  • Page 31 Remote Control Unit User’s Guide RM-P110...
  • Page 32 Table of Contents Overview Remote Control Unit Overview ..... 33 Features ............33 Palm Size ............. 33 Large Display ............33 8 Function Keys........... 33 RS-232C Port ............33 Setup Connecting the Remote Control Unit ... 34 Operation Remote Control Setup Mode ......35 Programming Function Keys ......
  • Page 33: Remote Control Unit Overview

    The RM-P110 is compact and light, making it very Overview easy to use. The RM-P110 Remote Control Unit is used to control the operation of the UPA-P100MD Digital Capture Large Display Unit. It is connected to the Digital Capture Unit through an RS-232C port. This section takes you The remote control unit is equipped with an LCD that through a quick overview of the unit.
  • Page 34: Setup

    Setup Connecting the Remote Control Unit To connect the RM-P110 Remote Control Unit to the UPA-P100MD Digital Capture Unit, follow the procedure below. On the rear panel of the Digital Capture Unit, locate the remote control port. Connect the remote control connector to the remote control port.
  • Page 35: Operation

    [ENT] key. The RM-P110 With the RM-P110 Remote Control Unit, it is possible returns to the screen displayed just before entering to perform 3 operations on the UPA-P100MD Digital the Setup Mode. Capture Unit. These operations are grabbing images, printing images, and saving images to CD-R.
  • Page 36 1B to the UPA-P100MD. The display status is unaffected. [Non-standard]: In this mode, pressing the [ESC] key sends the hexadecimal character codes 1B and 0D to the UPA-P100MD. The [ESC] key has the same effect as the [ENT] key. Display [SET H-TAB STOP] Select the position to which the cursor moves when a horizontal tab is received.
  • Page 37: Programming Function Keys

    Press the [•] key to return to the previous screen. Programming Function This has the effect of saving the input string in the remote control memory. Keys Select another function key and repeat steps 3 to 5. The remote control comes with 8 function keys ([F1] If you wish to finish, select [End] and press the to [F8]) that can be programmed with up to 16 [ENT] key to exit programming mode.
  • Page 38: Specifications

    CD-R disc, and press the [0] key to conclude the patient examination. Converting image... This message appears when you capture images with the UPA-P100MD. It means that the data being captured is being converted to TIFF format. Burning a CD This message appears when the UPA-P100MD is writing images to a CD-R disc.
  • Page 39 This message appears when there is no video device connected to the UPA-P100MD. Printer offline This message appears when there is no printer connected to the UPA-P100MD or when the connected printer is off. CD not configured This message appears when you try to write images to a CD-R disc that is not formatted.

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