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Sony Remote Commander Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions
© 1998 by Sony Corporation



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  Summary of Contents for Sony Remote Commander

  • Page 1 3-864-441-11(1) Remote Commander Operating Instructions RM-LJ301 © 1998 by Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 Clean the cabinet, panel and controls with a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution. Do not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring powder or solvent such as alcohol or benzine. If you have any question or problem concerning your receiver, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ABLE OF ONTENTS Before You Use Your Remote Location of Parts and Basic Remote Check that you received the following item with the Operations 4 remote: LR6 (size-AA) alkaline batteries (3) Parts Description 4 Inserting batteries into the remote Using the Lists 12 Insert three LR6 (size-AA) alkaline batteries with the + Chart of Lists 13 and –...
  • Page 4: Location Of Parts And Basic Remote Operations

    Location of Parts Description Parts and Basic Remote Operations AV 1/u SYSTEM STANDBY FUNCTION This chapter provides information on the location of buttons and how to use them to perform basic operations. !¡ PUSH ENTER ª · CH/PRESET/D.SKIP – BASS MASTER BOOST MUTING...
  • Page 5 Press again to revert back to the 3 SYSTEM STANDBY switch component information. Press to turn off the receiver and other Sony audio/ video components at the same time. If you want to See the table on pages 10 and 11 for information on the...
  • Page 6 Parts Description !™ Tape/disc operation buttons The following table shows what components are operated by each button and the function of the buttons. Button(s) Component(s) Function · VCR, DVD player, Starts play of the LD player, video CD playback medium player, tape deck, AV 1/u SYSTEM STANDBY...
  • Page 7 !§ S.FIELD ON/OFF button @¡ D.TUNING ENTER button Press to turn the sound field on or off. If you have selected tuner: !¶ EQ/TONE ON/OFF button Press to enter Direct Tuning mode. For details on Press to turn the equalizer or tone effect on or off. The Direct Tuning procedure, refer to the Operating TONE indicator on the receiver lights up when the Instructions supplied with your receiver.
  • Page 8 Parts Description @¢ MENU button When you have selected the VCR, DVD player, or DBS tuner, press this buton to display VCR, DVD, or DBS menu on the TV screen. Then use the cursor buttons to perform the menu operations (see “!ª Cursor buttons (V/v/B/b),”...
  • Page 9 Table of buttons used to control each component When you program the remote to control the following Sony or non-Sony components, you can use the buttons on the remote that are marked with circles. Note, however, that some buttons may not operate your component.
  • Page 10 Parts Description Table of operations that appear when you press the SUB button Press the SUB button to display a list of operations that the corresponding buttons are not found on the remote. The contents of the lists will vary according to the currently selected component. The following table shows the items in each list and the function of each item.
  • Page 11 2) item in the IR SET list (see page 16) and selected USER 1 (or 2) (see page 14). c) Only with Sony TVs with the picrure-in-picture function. d) Only with Sony TVs that supports the wide-picture mode. e) Only with the Sony CD changer. Note...
  • Page 12: Using The Lists

    Using the Lists This chapter describes how to display and use various lists. It also includes a chart showing all of the various lists. AV 1/u SYSTEM STANDBY FUNCTION SOUND SET UP FIELD FUNCTION PUSH ENTER Easy scroll ª · CH/PRESET/D.SKIP –...
  • Page 13: Chart Of Lists

    Chart of Lists See the treelike chart below for the list hierarchy. Details on how to access each list is given from page 14. Some items have sub-lists that appear when you press the SUB button (see pages 10 and 11). The configuration of the lists will vary depending on the receiver.
  • Page 14: Selecting A Component

    A or B. Additional procedures after selecting a Note component When the remote is programmed to control a non-Sony tape deck, the following may occur: If you have selected tuner — The information about deck B is not displayed and you Do the procedure below after you have selected the tuner.
  • Page 15: Selecting A Sound Field

    Note that the sound fields contained in connected to your receiver. You can even program the each list will vary depending on the receiver. remote to control non-Sony components and also Sony components that the remote is normally unable to control. Press SOUND FIELD.
  • Page 16: Downloading Data From The Receiver

    CD changer from the receiver. Programming is now completed. Appears only when you have selected a Sony CD changer (5 discs, 50 To cancel programming discs, or 200 discs) connected to the receiver using the S-LINK Move the easy scroll key to select “EXIT”...
  • Page 17: Other Operations

    The set up list appears. inserted disc(s) before you select a disc from the changer. • You can download the data only from the Sony CD changer (5 Move the easy scroll key to select “ALL CLEAR,” discs, 50 discs, or 200 discs) connected to the receiver using the then press the key to enter the selection.
  • Page 18: Additional Information

    / Make sure you select the correct function on the remote. / When you operate a programmed non-Sony component, the remote may not function properly depending on the model and the make of the component.
  • Page 19: Specifications

    Specifications When the CD player, tape deck, or MD deck is General connected to the receiver via S-LINK CONTROL A1 Remote control system Infrared control jacks, Auto Function does not work properly. / Reprogram the remote (see pages 15 and 16). Power requirements 3 V DC with three LR6 (size-AA) alkaline batteries...
  • Page 20 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia...

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