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Before Using The Digital Capture Unit; About The Hard Disk; About The Rear Connectors; About The Cd-R - Sony UPA-P100MD User Manual

Digital capture unit and remote control unit
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Before Using the Digital
Capture Unit

About the Hard Disk

Compared to a floppy disk, a hard disk has a greater
memory capacity and needs less time to write or read
data. However, dust and vibrations affect a hard disk's
performance. Furthermore, the same as for a floppy
disk, a hard disk should never be placed near magnetic
Hard disks contain built-in safety mechanisms to
protect data against dust and vibrations. However, to
avoid losing data, you should take the following
• Do not use the hard disk in areas prone to vibrations
or on unstable surfaces.
• Do not move the hard disk while it is on.
• Do not turn the power off while the hard disk is
performing an operation.
• Do not use the hard disk in areas prone to sudden
temperature fluctuations (i.e. more than 10 ºC).
Note that if the hard disk is damaged, data may not be
Do not forget to back up the data on the hard disk.
Make sure to back up images saved on the hard disk of
the UPA-P100MD on a regular basis. Sony denies any
responsibility if data saved on the hard disk becomes
Make sure that the power cord and other
connectors are properly connected.
Improperly connected power cord or connectors
constitute a risk of fire or electric shock.

About the rear connectors

Confirm that the cable connectors you are using can be
inserted into the terminal outside of the molding. Also
note that the screw posts next to the D-sub connectors
on the rear panel of the unit are threaded in inches.
When using cables other that the one provided for use
with this unit, make sure that you use inch-threaded
Do not connect the RM-P110 to the UPA-P100MD
when it is on.
Please make sure that the UPA-P100MD is off before
connecting the RM-P110. Connecting the RM-P110 to
the UPA-P100MD when it is on could cause it to

About the CD-R

Operation and Storage Precautions
When using the CD-R drive to write information on
discs, please pay attention to the following:
• Do not use or store the drive where it might be
subjected to vibrations or shocks.
• Do not use or store the drive in hot or humid
locations, or direct sunlight.
• When writing data on a disc, do not turn the Digital
Capture Unit off or push the Eject button of the CD-R
Avoiding Condensation Problems
As much as possible, avoid areas prone to sudden
temperature changes. Do not attempt to use the drive
immediately after moving it from a cold to a warm
location or raising the room temperature suddenly, as
condensation can form within the drive. If the
temperature changes suddenly while you are using the
drive, stop using it but keep the power on for at least
an hour.
Handling Discs
• Handle discs only by the edges as illustrated below.
Never touch the recording surface.
• Do not write (except with a felt-tip marker) or affix
labels to discs.
• Do not store discs in dusty, dirty, or humid locations,
in direct sunlight, or near heat-generating devices.
• Avoid spilling liquid on discs.
• To protect important data, always keep discs in their
protective case.


Table of Contents

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