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Cleaning Your Computer - Mitsubishi Electric Apricot XEN pentium Owner's Handbook Manual

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Caring for your computer

Cleaning your computer

Turn off the computer and unplug all power cords before
cleaning it.
If you have any problems which can't be resolved by cleaning,
consult Chapter 7 "Troubleshooting" .
The system unit
Do not use sprays, solvents or abrasives that might damage
the computer's surface. Do not use cleaning fluids or sprays
near air vents, ports, or removable-media drives.
The monitor
Occasionally wipe the monitor with a soft, slightly damp,
lint-free cloth. It is best to use anti-static glass cleaner on
the monitor screen, but do not spray glass cleaner directly
onto the screen; it could run down inside the case and
damage the circuitry.
The keyboard
When necessary, clean the keycaps with a slightly damp
cloth and a minimum amount of a non-abrasive cleaning
Take care not to spill any liquid onto the keyboard. Follow
these steps if you spill something on the keyboard and it
stops working:
Occasionally wipe the system unit with a soft, slightly
damp, lint-free cloth.
Occasionally wipe the air vents on the rear and sides
of the system unit. Dust and fluff can block the vents
and limit the airflow.
Occasionally clean the diskette drive using a
proprietary head cleaner.


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