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Using The Ftd Tape Drive - Mitsubishi Electric Apricot XEN pentium Owner's Handbook Manual

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Operating your computer
To eject the drawer manually (for example, after a power
failure) you must first ensure that the computer is turned off.
Then insert a thin metal rod (such as an unwound paper clip)
into the emergency eject hole and push hard (see below). The
rod must be at least 35 mm long.
Keep CDs and caddies well away from dust and moisture.
Avoid touching the surface of the disc; for example, when the
disc is inside a caddy, do not open the shutter manually and
touch the disc. Also, avoid extremes of temperature and
exposure to direct sunlight.

Using the FTD tape drive

Your computer may be configured with a 120 Mbyte FTD
(floppy tape drive). The FTD is so called because it uses the
on-board diskette/floppy disk interface and so does not require
an additional drive controller card like most other tape drives.
The software required to control the tape drive depends on
your operating environment; ask your supplier for details.
Note that, although the drive is intended for use with 120
Mbyte cartridges, it is possible to read data previously
recorded on 40 Mbyte cartridges.


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