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Memory Upgrades - Mitsubishi Electric Apricot XEN pentium Owner's Handbook Manual

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Expanding the system

Memory upgrades

The motherboard is fitted with sockets for four SIMMs (Single
In-line Memory Modules). The sockets support standard 70nS
4 Mbyte (1MX32), 8 Mbyte (2MX32), 16 Mbyte (4MX32) and
32 Mbyte (8MX32) SIMMs, and are arranged in two pairs.
Standard 70nS SIMMs will always work in systems with a 60MHz
base clock frequency, Pentium 60 and 90 systems. Systems with a
66MHz base clock frequency, Pentium 66 and 100 systems, may
require 60nS SIMMs for optimum performance. If you are uncertain
check with your supplier.
Each pair of sockets forms a single 64-bit wide memory bank.
If a bank is populated it must always be fitted with a matched
pair of SIMMs, giving upgrade capacities of 8, 16, 32 and 64
Mbytes. Optimum performance is achieved when all four
sockets are populated with matched SIMMs.
Each bank can be populated, or fitted with a pair of matching
SIMMs of any of the capacities supported. The two banks are
numbered 0 and 1, and the sockets have text alongside them
identifying the banks.
Slide the card into the slot ensuring that the card edge
connector engages correctly with the expansion card
Carefully push the card fully home. Do not apply
excessive pressure.
Secure the card by replacing the screw that you
removed in step 4.
10. Connect any signal cables to the card.
11. Replace the system unit cover.


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