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Mitsubishi Electric Apricot XEN pentium Owner's Handbook Manual Page 71

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If you find the terminology used in these descriptions confusing, refer
to Appendix A of this manual.
E0000h - FFFFFh
The first three lines of this menu are for information only. The
address range from E0000h to FFFFFh is always shadowed.
C8000h - DFFFFh
These areas are normally used by option ROMs on ISA adapter
cards. If you have installed an ISA card with such a ROM, you
may wish to enable ROM shadowing for the address range that
the cards option ROM uses. Refer to the documentation
supplied with the adapter card.
C0000h - C7FFFh
This line allows you to enable or disable ROM shadowing for
the 32k segments between C0000h and C7FFFh. This option
only affects video BIOS on ISA adapter cards.
This option defaults to Enabled, and should only be Disabled
if you encounter a problem with the operation of an ISA video
Hard disk control
This menu contains two options, IDE translation mode, and
IDE Translation Mode
This option can be set to either Extended CHS or Standard
CHS, the default is extended.
Standard CHS limits the maximum number of cylinders
which can be accessed on a hard disk to 1023. This restricts
the maximum capacity of each hard disk drive to approximately
500 Mbytes. Extended CHS overcomes this restriction,
supporting hard disk drives with capacities greater than 500


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