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Inter-Tel 8600 User Manual: Accessing Your Mailbox

Inter-tel protocol mode.
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If you have a message waiting in your mailbox, you must access your mailbox to
retrieve it.
If your telephone system uses Enterprise Messaging (EM), your mailbox may
have the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) feature enabled. When ASR is enabled
for your mailbox, you have the option of issuing a spoken command or pressing a dial-
pad button. See
If your mailbox has E-Mail Reader enabled, you have an advanced mailbox.
page 67
When you access your mailbox, depending on the voice processing system, enabled
features, and mailbox status, you may hear one of the following messages:
Mailbox almost full or full: If your mailbox is full, no new messages can be
received until you delete waiting or saved messages.
Quota grace limit reached: The quota grace limit is an EM feature. If this fea-
ture is enabled, it allows a mailbox to "overfill" beyond normal capacity. When
the quota grace limit has been reached, this announcement is played.
Message count and type: The system announces the number of new and/or
saved messages that are in your mailbox. The system also informs you if the mes-
sages are priority messages. If E-Mail Reader is enabled for your mailbox, the
media type is indicated.
Remote Messaging: The system indicates if the Remote Messaging feature is
enabled (see
when attempting to place a Remote Messaging call.
To access your mailbox:
Dial the voice mail extension number. (You hear the main menu.)
During or after the greeting, say "Login" or press
Say or enter your mailbox number.
Enter your mailbox password (if programmed), then press
have a password, press
information on programming passwords.
Generally, saying "Skip" or pressing
advance you to the next step. For example, when leaving a voice mail message for
another voice mail user, you can say "Skip" or press
tory message and proceed directly to the recording phase. Similarly, while listening to
messages, you can say "Skip" or press
and proceed directly to the playback phase. Also, at any menu level, you can say "Can-
cel" or press
page 10
for ASR guidelines.
for information and instructions about using E-Mail Reader features.
49). It also alerts you if a programming error has been detected
to bypass the password prompt. See
to cancel or return to the previous menu.
to identify yourself as a
during any voice mail operation will
to skip the person's introduc-
to skip the system-generated voice prompts
Model 8600 User Guide (ITP Mode)
. If you do not
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