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Risk analysis and measures
Hazards emanating from unprotected machines or plants
The results of a risk analysis can reveal any hazards emanating from unprotected
machinery. Such hazards may pose a risk of personal injury.
You can prevent personal injury caused by hazards as specified in the risk analysis by
taking the following measures:
• Installing additional protective devices on machinery and plants. In particular, it must
• Use of the device in accordance with its intended purpose, which can be verified by
• Documentation of the test results, which must be entered in the relevant safety reports if
Ambient conditions and chemical resistance
Ambient conditions not suited for the device can adversely affect operation. Chemical
agents, such as detergents or operating material, can change the color, shape and
structure of the device surface. The device may be damaged. This may lead to
For this reason, the following precautionary measures should be taken:
• Only operate the device in closed rooms. Failure to comply with these instructions will
• Only operate the device in the ambient conditions specified in the technical
• Protect the device against dust, moisture and heat.
• The device may not be used in harsh operating environments, such as areas subject to
• Only use suitable detergents. Only use suitable detergents. Read the information about
Industrial Flat Panel IFP1500, IFP1900, IFP2200
Operating Instructions, 06/2014, A5E31298376-AB
also be ensured that the programming, configuration and wiring of all I/Os used takes
place in accordance with the safety performance (SIL, PL or Cat.) identified by the
requisite risk analysis.
means of a system function test. This test can detect programming, configuration and
wiring errors.
render the warranty null and void.
acidic vapors or gases, without additional protective measures (e.g. a clean air supply).
Chemical resistance of the HMI devices and industrial PCs
( on the Internet.
Safety information
2.2 Notes about usage


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