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Damage to ESD from touch
Electrostatic sensitive devices, ESD, can be destroyed by voltages which are far below the
human perception limit. If you touch a component or electrical connections of a module
without discharging any electrostatic energy, these voltages may arise.
The damage to a module by an overvoltage can often not be immediately detected and only
becomes evident after an extended period of operation. The consequences are incalculable
and range from unforeseeable malfunctions to a total failure of the machine or system.
Avoid touching components directly. Make sure that persons, the workstation and the
packaging are properly grounded.
Every person without a conductive connection to the electrical potential of his/her
surroundings can be electrostatically charged.
The material with which this person comes into contact is of particular significance. The
figure shows the maximum electrostatic voltages with which a person is charged, depending
on humidity and material. These values conform to the specifications of IEC 61000-4-2.
Industrial Flat Panel IFP1500, IFP1900, IFP2200
Operating Instructions, 06/2014, A5E31298376-AB
Synthetic materials
Antistatic materials such as wood or concrete
Technical information
7.2 Directives and declarations


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