Creating An Avchd Disk; Cutting Video Clips - Silvercrest DV-5100HD User Manual

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Creating an AVCHD Disk

AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) is
an innovative digital standard with high resolution
and brilliant picture and sound quality. This format
allows you to record onto writeable DVD disks and
playback on suitable Blu-ray players. It is a good
addition to an HDTV television set.
Not all players support playback from self-recorded
AVCHD disks.
Insert a DVD±R, DVD±R DL, DVD±RW or DVD-RAM disk into
your CD drive.
Click the Create AVCHD Disk icon
compilation workspace.
Drag the desired video clips onto the timeline at the bottom of
the window.
Click the "Next" button to start the process.
Select the drive and folder from your hard disk and click "OK".
To be able to use this function your computer must
feature a DVD drive capable of writing one of the
following media types: DVD±R, DVD±R DL,

Cutting Video Clips

You can remove any undesired sections from your video clips.
From the video recordings overview, click on the scissor icon
The playback window with the currently selected recording will
Navigate to the beginning of the scene that you want to cut.
Then click
to open the disk
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents