Selecting The Navigation View; Preview Window - Silvercrest DV-5100HD User Manual

Digital hd camcorder
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Selecting the Navigation View

There are different ways to open your imported recordings. In the
libraries, you can sort them by folder name or date.
Click on the folder icon
Click on the calendar icon
To open My Computer, click the
find all the disk drives installed in your computer. For example, this
allows you to access any recordings stored on a CD-ROM.

Preview Window

The preview window offers multiple options for sorting and editing
your recordings.
to sort by folder name.
to sort by folder date.
Shows all recordings according to their
Shows all recordings that haven't been
imported yet.
Here you can filter to display only pictures,
only videos or all recordings.
Drag the slider to adjust the display size for
your recordings.
Shows the recordings only.
Shows the recordings together with other
Here you can enter a keyword to search for.
button. Here you can
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents