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Here you can determine if a sound is output when pressing any
button. This option enables or disables the power-on sound at the
same time.


The histogram offers helpful information about the picture's
brightness (see page 28), but it may disturb the view on the screen.
You can therefore turn the histogram off when needed.

Auto power off

You can have the device power off automatically after a certain
time to save battery power. If no operation is performed during the
preset time, the device will power off. To power the camcorder back
on, press the On/Off button [14].
You can choose between the power-off times of 1 minute,
5 minutes or disable the automatic power-off function. The icons
have the following meanings:

TV Standard

Choose between the TV systems PAL or NTSC. NTSC is the
colour system used in America and Japan, PAL is used in Europe.
This setting only applies when playing back using the video cable.
36 - English
Auto PowerOff disabled
Power off after 1 minute
Power off after 5 minutes

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents