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Editing Recordings; Viewing Recordings - Silvercrest DV-5100HD User Manual

Digital hd camcorder
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Editing Recordings

Viewing Recordings

Use the USB cable to connect the camcorder to your computer.
Then power the camcorder on.
4 Disk drives display and selection
5 Recordings stored on the selected disk
The following options are available:
From the navigation (4), select the disk drive for which you want
to display the contents.
Click on the star icon
Click on the info icon
current recording.
To display a recording in a new window, double-click on it. In
the display window, click the arrow icons
keys on your keyboard to display the previous or next
To view a video recording, double-click on it. The video window
contains the icons Stop
arrow icons
display the previous or next video recording.
to rate the current recording.
to show further information on the
, Play
or use the arrow keys on your keyboard to
or use the arrow
and Pause
English - 53
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