Photo Playback Menu; Delete One - Silvercrest DV-5100HD User Manual

Digital hd camcorder
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Point the camcorder at the subject and make sure to position it
on a stable surface (or better still, a tripod).
Press the shutter button (17).
The self-timer indicator [2] on the front panel flashes and a
counter will appear on the display. After the preset time, the
picture is taken automatically.
After the picture has been taken, the self-timer will be disabled.
You may continue using your camcorder normally.

Photo Playback Menu

To open the Photo playback menu, press the Menu button [13]
while in photo playback mode.

Delete one

This allows you to erase a single picture. This function is operated
the same way as the Delete function for video playback (see
page 41).
Warning! After a picture has been erased, it cannot be restored.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents