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Digital hd camcorder
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Switch the device off immediately if you notice it emitting smoke
or strange noises. Contact customer service. Never try to repair
the device yourself.
Only use the supplied charger cradle Scope DJ04V20500A to
recharge the product battery.
Only use this device with the supplied rechargeable battery
(PAC-0040) in order to avoid overheating, deformation of the
cover, fire, electric shocks, explosion and other dangers.
Unplug the power cord from the mains outlet before you remove
the rechargeable batteries from the charger or separate the
charger from the power cord.
In the event of a defect of the product or its accessories, unplug
the power cord from the mains immediately.
Also, when there is the possibility of thunderstorms, unplug the
power cord from the wall outlet.
Never try to heat, disassemble or short-circuit the rechargeable
battery. Do not throw the rechargeable battery into fire.
Notice concerning separation from the mains
In order to completely disconnect the charger from the mains,
unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. The wall outlet where
the device is connected must be easy to access so that the power
cord can be pulled out quickly in case of emergency. Unplug the
power cord from the mains when you will not be using it for a long
while (e.g. when going on holiday) in order to avoid the danger of
fire. Do not hold the power cord with wet hands.
The device is not for use in rooms with a high temperature or
humidity and must be kept free of dust. Position the device on a
stable, even surface and do not place any objects on the device.
Always make sure that:
no direct heat sources (e.g. heating) can affect the device;
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