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Intended Use - Silvercrest DV-5100HD User Manual

Digital hd camcorder
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Intended Use

Your camcorder is a Consumer Electronics device and designed for
recording and playing back videos and pictures only. Any use other
than that mentioned above does not correspond to the intended
use. It may only be used for private use, not industrial or
commercial purposes. In its default configuration, this product has
not been designed for medical, lifesaving, rescue or life-maintaining
purposes. Only connection cables and external devices may be
used that comply with safety standards and the electromagnetic
compatibility and shielding quality of this device.
This device fulfils all that relates to CE Conformity, relevant
standards and Directives. Any changes to the equipment other than
the recommended changes by the manufacturer may lead to the
result that these directives are not met any more. Only use the
accessories recommended by the manufacturer. If you are not
using the device within the Republic of Germany, you must observe
the regulations and laws in the country of use.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents