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Transferring Recordings To The Computer; Using The Usb Port - Silvercrest DV-5100HD User Manual

Digital hd camcorder


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Connectors and Ports

Transferring Recordings to the Computer

There are two possible ways to copy recordings from the
camcorder to a computer:
by connecting the device to a computer via the USB/AV cable
by inserting the memory card into a card reader

Using the USB port

XP, Windows Vista
will detect the camcorder automatically as a mass storage device.
Please make sure that your camcorder is powered off.
Open the port cover and insert the connector of the USB/AV
cable into the USB/AV port of your camcorder.
Plug the USB connector into a free USB port on your powered-
on computer.
Press the On/Off button [14] to power the camcorder on. The
computer will detect the built-in memory and the memory card
(if any) as a removable disk and will create a new drive with the
next available driver letter. A third removable disk contains all
necessary setup files for the supplied software. The camcorder
display remains off and the power indicator [5] lights green.
Open My Computer on your PC and double-click on the new
removable disk drive. All recorded files can be found in the
folder "DCIM" on this disk drive.
48 - English
Be careful when renaming any folders and files.
Do NOT try to change the folder or file names
stored on the device from the computer otherwise
you may not be able to play back any files
contained here with your camcorder.
After you have copied your files or folders to the
computer, you can rename or edit them on the
and Windows
7 operating systems

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents