Write-Protecting The Memory Card; Switching The Camcorder On And Off - Silvercrest DV-5100HD User Manual

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If the memory card or the internal memory is full, the
message Memory full will appear on the display.

Write-Protecting the Memory Card

The memory card features a write-protection tab. When the write
protection is enabled (see the figure right below) you will be able to
view existing videos and pictures only, but not be able to delete or
edit them. Also, it will not be possible to record any new videos or
pictures onto the memory card.
Write protection disabled
If you attempt to record a video or take a picture
while the write protection is enabled, when you
press the shutter button the message SD card is
locked will appear on the display and a sound will
be heard.

Switching the Camcorder On and Off

Press the On/Off button [14] to power the camcorder on. The
power indicator [5] will light green.
Press the On/Off button [14] and keep it pressed down for
approximately 1 second to turn the camcorder off. Power
indicator [5] stops lighting.
Write protection enabled
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents