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Digital hd pocket camcorder with photo and mp3 modes


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  • Page 1 Digital HD Pocket Camcorder with photo and MP3 modes User manual and service information DV-1000HD...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    DV-1000HD Table of Contents Table of Contents Important Notice Safety Instructions................3 Conformity..................7 Disposal of Old Devices ..............7 Introduction Package Contents................9 Controls and buttons ..............10 Getting Started Recording Recording Videos................19 Capturing Pictures................. 20 Playback Playing Back Video Clips .............. 22 Playing Back Photos ..............
  • Page 4 Table of Contents DV-1000HD Connecting the Headphones ............35 Appendix Installing the Software ..............36 Technical Specifications ............... 37 Warranty Information ..............39 2 - English...
  • Page 5: Important Notice

    DV-1000HD Safety Instructions Important Notice Safety Instructions Before you use this device for the first time, please read the following notes in this manual and heed all warnings, even if you are familiar with handling electronic devices. Always check that the product works correctly. Keep this manual with the instructions in a safe place for future reference.
  • Page 6 Safety Instructions DV-1000HD In the event of a defect in the product or its accessories, unplug the power cord from the mains immediately. Also, when there is the possibility of thunderstorms, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Never try to heat, disassemble or short-circuit the rechargeable battery.
  • Page 7 DV-1000HD Safety Instructions Children Electrical devices do not belong in the hands of children. Do not allow children to use electrical devices when not under supervision. Children may not comprehend the presence of potential risks. Rechargeable batteries and small parts represent potential choking hazards.
  • Page 8 Safety Instructions DV-1000HD make knots in the cable and do not tie it together with other cables. All cables should be positioned so that nobody can trip over them or be obstructed by them. A damaged power cord can cause a fire or an electric shock.
  • Page 9: Conformity

    DV-1000HD Safety Instructions Danger Through Noise Disturbance Caution when using the supplied headphones. Listening at high volume can harm the user’s auditory system Conformity This device and its supplied accessories have been tested and approved for compliance with the basic and other relevant requirements of the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, as well as the Low-voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.
  • Page 10 Safety Instructions DV-1000HD Icons Used in this User’s Manual This icon denotes important information for the safe operation of the product and for the user’s safety. This icon denotes further information on the topic. This icon warns you about possible damage to the user’s hearing.
  • Page 11: Introduction

    DV-1000HD Introduction Introduction Package Contents Camcorder DV-1000HD Pouch Rechargeable battery PAC Charger SCOPE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, PAC-0040 DJ04V20500A and power cord AV-cable HDMI cable English - 9...
  • Page 12: Controls And Buttons

    Introduction DV-1000HD USB cable Headphones, SilverCrest IEHS 1000 CD with software User's manual (not shown) Controls and buttons An additional illustration of the items and controls and their corresponding numbers can be found on the inner page of the fold- out cover of this User’s Manual.
  • Page 13 DV-1000HD Introduction 8 Delete button (DEL) 9 On/Off button Front Panel 10 Lens 11 Microphone Left Panel 12 Headphones receptacle (behind protective cover) 13 Battery/memory card compartment (behind protective cover) Right Panel 14 USB port* 15 HDMI ports (type * the USB and HDMI ports are located behind a protective cover. English - 11...
  • Page 14: Getting Started

    Getting Started DV-1000HD Getting Started The camcorder is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion (PAC ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., PAC-0040) battery. On delivery, the battery is not charged. Please charge the battery before first use of the device. Charging the Battery Insert the rechargeable battery in the charger cradle SCOPE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, DJ04V20500A so that the contacts (+) and (-) correspond to the rechargeable battery and charging tray markings.
  • Page 15 DV-1000HD Getting Started The status indicator of the charging cradle will light orange whilst the battery is charging. When the charging process is completed, the status indicator will light green. You can then insert the rechargeable battery into the camcorder. Depending on the charge level, the charging cycle can take up to 3 hours.
  • Page 16 Getting Started DV-1000HD Inserting an SD Card (optional) By using the SD memory card (not included in the package) you can increase the camcorder's storage capacity for saving your videos and photos. When a memory card is inserted, all the recorded contents will be saved onto it.
  • Page 17 DV-1000HD Getting Started Removing an SD Card (optional) 1. Power the camcorder off. To do this, press the On/Off button (9). 2. To remove the memory card, open the battery/memory card compartment (see above) and gently press on the inserted card.
  • Page 18 Getting Started DV-1000HD Switching the Camcorder On and Off Press the On/Off button (9) to power the camcorder on. Press the On/Off button (9) again to power the camcorder off. Checking the Remaining Battery Capacity In the upper-left corner of the display there is a battery icon showing the current battery capacity.
  • Page 19 DV-1000HD Getting Started 3. Press the direction button (4) four times to highlight the Date and Time icon 4. Press the Recording button (4). The current date and time will appear and the year is highlighted. The date is shown in Year/Month/Day notation, the time is shown in 12-hour format from 00:00 to 11:59.
  • Page 20 Getting Started DV-1000HD Operating mode icon During recording or playback, the operating mode icon is not shown. The HD and WVGA settings determine the size of the recording (resolution) in pixels. As a general rule: The higher the resolution, the more storage space is required. The following settings are available: Designation Resolution in...
  • Page 21: Recording

    DV-1000HD Recording Recording Recording Videos 1. Power the camcorder on. To do this, press the On/Off button (9). 2. If the current mode is not set to video recording select it by using the (4) buttons. 3. Press the record button (4) to start recording. During recording the power indicator (6) will blink green.
  • Page 22: Capturing Pictures

    Recording DV-1000HD Battery status Recording mode (HD, WVGA, Photo) If you have inserted an SD card (not supplied), the SD icon will appear in the upper-right corner of the display. Zoom indicator During recording or playback, the operating mode icon is not shown. The zoom bar will display only whilst pressing the direction buttons (4) to select a larger or...
  • Page 23 DV-1000HD Recording In photo mode, different icons may appear on the display informing you about the current settings. These are identical to the icons for video recording. See also page 19 – Recording Videos. English - 21...
  • Page 24: Playback

    Playback DV-1000HD Playback You can play back your recorded videos, and photos on the camcorder screen, on a TV set or on your computer. The following two sections show you how to play back your videos or photos on the camcorder display. Furthermore, if you use an SD card (not supplied), you can copy any music files onto the card and use your camcorder as an MP3 player to enjoy the music.
  • Page 25 DV-1000HD Playback • Press the record button (4) to pause playback. Press the button again to resume playback. • Press the direction buttons (4) to adjust the audio volume. The current volume is indicated by an adjustment bar. • Press the Delete button (DEL) (8) to stop playback. •...
  • Page 26: Playing Back Photos

    Playback DV-1000HD Playing Back Photos To be able to play back your photos on the camcorder screen, first you have to switch to playback mode. This is done as follows: 1. Power the camcorder on. To do this, press the On/Off button (9).
  • Page 27: Playing Back Music

    DV-1000HD Playback Playing Back Music You can also use your camcorder as an MP3 player. To do this you need an SD memory card (not supplied) and to first copy the desired music files onto it using your computer. See also page 13 - Inserting an SD Card (optional).
  • Page 28 Playback DV-1000HD • Press the direction buttons (4) to adjust the audio volume. The current volume is indicated by an adjustment bar. • Press the Delete button (DEL) (8) to stop playback. • To do this, press the direction buttons (4) to skip to the previous or next music file.
  • Page 29: Setup Menu

    DV-1000HD Setup Menu Setup Menu The camcorder features a setup menu that allows you to customise the basic properties of your camcorder. 1. Power the camcorder on. To do this, press the On/Off button (9). 2. Press the Delete (DEL) button (8) and the Mode selector (MODE) (5) simultaneously to open the setup menu.
  • Page 30 Setup Menu DV-1000HD Mains Filter Select the mains frequency to avoid any interference caused by fluorescent lighting. A mains frequency of 50 Hz is used across Europe; in America the mains uses a frequency of 60 Hz. Format This function lets you delete all contents from your memory card and renew the file saving structure on your card (formatting).
  • Page 31: Deleting Recordings

    DV-1000HD Setup Menu Deleting Recordings If necessary, you can delete any undesired or bad recordings. You can also delete files to free-up some space when the internal memory or memory card is full. Deleting A Recording 1. Power the camcorder on. To do this, press the On/Off button (9).
  • Page 32 Setup Menu DV-1000HD Deleting All Recordings This option lets you erase all recordings (videos and photos) at once. 1. Power the camcorder on. To do this, press the On/Off button (9). 2. Press the mode selector button (MODE) (5) to toggle to Playback (Photo and Video) mode.
  • Page 33: Connectors And Ports

    DV-1000HD Connectors and Ports Connectors and Ports Viewing Recordings on a Television Screen Any recordings that you can view on the camcorder display can also be played back on a regular TV set. For this, your television set must have an appropriate Video In connector. Depending on the connectors available on the TV set, you can use the AV cable or the HDMI cable.
  • Page 34 Connectors and Ports DV-1000HD Connecting via the AV Cable 1. Please make sure that your camcorder is powered off. 2. Open the cover of the ports (14) and (15) and insert the connector of the AV cable into the USB port (14) of your camcorder.
  • Page 35: Transferring Recordings To The Computer

    DV-1000HD Connectors and Ports Transferring Recordings to the Computer There are two possible ways to copy recordings from the camcorder to a computer: by connecting the device to a computer via the USB cable by inserting the memory card (not included) into a card reader Be careful when renaming any folders and files.
  • Page 36 Connectors and Ports DV-1000HD 5. Open My Computer on your PC and double-click on the new removable disk drive. All recorded files can be found in a subfolder of the folder “DCIM” on this disk drive. 6. Now you can copy the recorded files from the camcorder into a folder of your choice on the computer’s hard disk.
  • Page 37: Connecting The Headphones

    Connecting the Headphones You can also connect the supplied headphones SilverCrest IEHS 1000 to listen to the sound of video and music files. For music playback you can enjoy your songs in stereo quality.
  • Page 38: Appendix

    Appendix DV-1000HD Appendix Installing the Software System Requirements ® ® Windows 7, Windows Vista™ or Windows Free USB port or card reader Software The software can be found on the supplied CD. You can use it to edit your videos and even upload them easily to YouTube, Facebook, etc., store them on AVCHD media, or create photo books and albums.
  • Page 39: Technical Specifications

    0040, 3.7 V, 1100 mAh Operating temperature 0°C - 35°C Microphone Integrated Speaker Integrated Dimensions 67 x 107 x 26 mm (W x H x D) Weight 88 g (without battery) Headphones SilverCrest IEHS 1000, Broadband characteristic voltage 245mV English - 37...
  • Page 40 Appendix DV-1000HD SCOPE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, Battery charger DJ04V20500A Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz, 0,07A Output: 4.2V DC 500mA 38 - English...
  • Page 41: Warranty Information

    DV-1000HD Appendix Warranty Information English - 39...
  • Page 42 Appendix DV-1000HD 40 - English...
  • Page 43 DV-1000HD Appendix English - 41...
  • Page 44 Appendix DV-1000HD 42 - English...

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