Playing Back Photos - Silvercrest DV-5100HD User Manual

Digital hd camcorder
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Playing Back Photos

In Photo mode you can use the Play button [6] to switch to the
picture playback mode. Press this button once again to return to
capture mode. The icon in the upper-left corner of the display
shows the current mode.
The following options are available:
Move the navigation button [7] up or down to choose a picture.
Move the Zoom swivel button [18] to the left to obtain a
thumbnail overview of all pictures. Use the navigation button to
select a picture. The current picture will be highlighted with a
red border. Press the navigation button to show the picture in
full-screen mode.
Move the Zoom swivel button [18] to the right to enlarge a
section of the current picture. You can zoom it up to 8x. Press
the navigation button to move the enlarged section of the
picture. You can change the direction of movement by pressing
the navigation button.
Press the display button [12] to show or hide additional
information on the display.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents