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Safety Instructions; General Use - Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual

Stump grinder
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General use

The object of this manual is to help you use your
Husqvarna machine safely and to give you
information about how to maintain your machine.
Please read the manual carefully before attempting
to use the machine.
If after reading the operator's manual you are still
unsure about the safety risks associated with use
of the machine, you should not use the machine.
Please contact your dealer for more information.
These safety instructions only address the basics
for safe use. It would be impossible in the safety
instructions to describe all possible risk situations
that could arise when using the machine. You can,
however, prevent accidents by always using
common sense.
To obtain extra copies of the operator's manual,
please contact your dealer.
Do not use the machine until you have
read the operator's manual carefully and
understand the instructions given. All
maintenance work or adjustments not
described in this manual must be
performed by an authorized Husqvarna
service workshop.
The stump grinder can be dangerous if
used improperly or with out due care and
can lead to serious accidents, in the
worst cases even fatal accidents. It is
very important that you read this
operator's manual and understand the
instructions before you attempt to use
the machine.
Read this manual carefully and make sure you
understand it before using the machine or
performing any maintenance. If the user cannot
read this manual, it is the responsibility of the
machine owner to explain the contents to the


Under no circumstances may the original
design of the machine be modified
without written approval from the
manufacturer. Such modifications not
only affect the performance and
durability of the machine but may even
pose a safety risk for users and those in
the vicinity. Unauthorized modifications
to the design of the machine may
absolve the manufacturer from liability
for any resulting personal injury or
property damage. Modifying the machine
without written approval from the
manufacturer may void the guarantee.
Read this manual carefully before starting the machine.


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