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Protective Equipment; Personal Equipment - Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual

Stump grinder
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Personal equipment

Consult your Husqvarna dealer when selecting
protective equipment. Our dealers have a broad
assortment of equipment for professionals such
as forestry workers and knowledge about
occupational environment requirements and
protective levels.
Before using the stump grinder, you may in many
cases need to cut back the object with a power
saw. Hence, it is appropriate to use personal
protective equipment that fulfils requirements for
working with both stump grinders and power
The main difference is that you should wear
protective glasses when operating the stump
grinder while the wire mesh visor gives sufficient
protection when using a power saw. Thus when
using the stump grinder, we recommend using
both a wire mesh visor to protect your face and
protective glasses. Alternatively, you can use a
Plexiglas face guard, but it scratches more easily
and is more susceptible to soiling and fogging.
You require the following personal protective
1. Protective helmet (hard hat)
2. Ear protection
3. Face guard
4. Protective trousers
5. Protective glasses
6. Breathing protection (risk of dusty work
7. Protective gloves
8. First aid kit
9. Protective boots or steel-toed shoes


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