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Storage; Winter Storage; Service - Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual

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Winter storage

At the end of the season, the machine should be
readied for storage (or if it will not be in use for
longer than 30 days). Fuel allowed to stand for long
periods of time (30 days or more) can leave sticky
residues that can plug the carburetor and disrupt
engine function.
Fuel stabilizers are an acceptable option as regards
sticky residues during storage. If alkylate gasoline
(Aspen) is used, stabilizers are unnecessary
because this fuel is stable. However, you should
avoid switching between regular and alkylate
gasoline as sensitive rubber components can
harden. Add stabilizer to the fuel in the tank or in
the storage container. Always use the mixing ratios
specified by the manufacturer of the stabilizer. Run
the engine for at least 10 minutes after adding the
stabilizer so that it reaches the carburetor. DO NOT
empty the fuel tank and the carburetor if you have
added stabilizer.
NEVER store an engine with fuel in the
tank indoors or in poorly ventilated
spaces where fuel vapor can come in
contact with open flame, sparks or a pilot
light such as in a boiler, hot water tank,
clothing drier, etc. Handle the fuel with
caution. It is very flammable and careless
use can cause serious damage to person
and property. Drain the fuel into an
approved container outdoors and far
away from open flame. NEVER use
gasoline for cleaning. Use a de-greaser
and warm water instead.


When ordering spare parts, please specify the
puschase year, model, type, and serial number.
Always use genuine Husqvarna parts.
An annual check-up at an authorized service
workshop is a good way to ensure that your
machine performs its best the following season.


To ready the machine for storage, follow these
1. Clean the machine carefully, particularly the
chassis and working equipment. Touch up
damage to the paint to prevent rust.
2. Inspect the machine for worn or damaged parts
and tighten any nuts or screws that may have
become loose.
3. Change the engine oil; dispose of properly.
4. Open the fuel valve. Empty the fuel tank (1) and
the carburetor (2).
5. Close the fuel valve.
6. Remove the spark plug and pour about a
tablespoon of engine oil in the cylinder. Turn
over the engine so that the oil is evenly
distributed and then refit the spark plug. Put the
engine in the compression phase where the
triangle mark on the sleeve of the starter is
aligned with the upper hole in the starter. Note:
Compression phase occurs every second
7. Lubricate all grease nipples, joints and cables
as described in the chapter "Lubrication/
Lubrication schedule".
8. Store the machine in a clean, dry place and
cover it for extra protection.
9. Cover the blade and cutters with a thin coat of
oil to avoid rust.


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