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Lubricating The Cables - Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual

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3. Right wheel
Lubricate using a grease gun until the grease
squeezes out, 1 nipple.
Use good quality MP grease. Grease from well-
known brand names (petrochemical companies,
etc.) usually maintains a good quality.
4. Throttle cable
Peel back the rubber covers at both of the cable
mountings. Grease both ends of the throttle cable
and move the controls to end stop positions when
lubricating. Refit the rubber covers on the cable
after lubrication. Cables with sheaths will bind if
they are not lubricated regularly. Binding in a cable
may cause malfunction.
If the cable binds, remove the cable and hang it
vertically. Lubricate it with thin engine oil until the
oil begins to escape from the bottom.
Tip: Fill a small plastic bag with oil and tape it so
that it seals against the casing and allow the cable
to hang vertically from the bag overnight. If you do
not succeed in lubricating the cable, it must be


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