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Replacing The Air Filter - Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual

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Replacing the air filter

If the engine seems weak, produces black smoke
or runs unevenly, the air filter may be clogged. For
this reason, it is important to clean and replace the
air filter regularly (see the maintenance schedule
for the proper service interval).
Allow the exhaust system to cool before
performing service. Risk for burns.
Cleaning/replacement of the air filter is carried out
as follows:
1. Undo the wing nut (1) and lift off the cyclone
filter with the air filter cowling (2).
2. Remove the foam rubber pre-filter and clean
using a mild detergent.
Squeeze it dry with a clean cloth.
Soak it with new engine oil. Wind the filter in an
absorbent cloth and squeeze out excess oil.
3. Remove the wing nut in the air filter and remove
the paper filter. Tap the paper filter against a
fixed surface to remove dust. If the paper filter
is still dirty or damaged, it MUST be replaced.
DO NOT use compressed air over 2 bar/
30 PSI to clean the paper filter.
DO NOT wash the paper filter.
DO NOT oil the paper filter.
4. Refit the air filter as follows:
Mount the paper filter in the air filter housing
and tighten the wing nut.
5. Refit the pre-filter on the paper filter.
6. Refit the cyclone filter with the air filter cowling.


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