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Before You Start - Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual

Stump grinder
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Before you start

Dig away the earth and remove any stones near
the tree stump that may interfere with your work.
Check that the ground is free of foreign objects,
such as electrical cables, barbed wire, etc.
Cut or trim the stump as necessary using a power
Review all of the machine's safety decals.
Use a hard hat, ear and eye protection. A mesh
visor alone does not provide sufficient eye
protection; supplement with protective glasses.
Make sure that you are familiar with safety
regulations and shutdown procedures
described previously in the operator's manual.
Make sure that all guards are in place and in
good condition.
Make sure that the blades and cutters are in
place and in good condition.
Make sure that the work area and cutter in
particular and free from metallic objects such
as wire, nails, etc. that could be thrown out and
injure persons in the vicinity and damage the
Make sure that everyone, including children and
animals, maintains a distance of at least 50 feet
(15 M) from the machine. Debris can be thrown
out and injure people and animals.


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