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Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual page 21

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Spark plug
The engine spark plug is hidden under the ignition
cable shoe. When performing service, it is
important that the engine cannot start accidentally.
For this reason, always remove the ignition cable
shoe from the spark plug. To avoid pulling the cable,
the cable shoe is equipped with a special handle;
see the illustration.
Type of spark plug, see "Technical data".
Service instructions, see "Maintenance/Electrical
The engine muffler is equipped with a heat
protective cowling. Nonetheless, it still becomes
hot when the engine is running. Avoid touching the
muffler when it is warm. Risk for burns.
Oil dipstick
The dipstick for the crankcase oil reservoir is
located on the front of the engine. Refill the engine
oil in the hole where the dipstick fits.
When checking the oil level, the dipstick should not
be screwed in. The machine should be parked on
even ground with the engine stopped. Never run
the engine without the dipstick in place. The engine
has an electronic oil level guard. It stops and cannot
be started if the level becomes too low. Yet you
should not rely entirely on the level guard; rather
you should check the oil using the dipstick.
For normal use, we recommend SAE 10W-30
weight engine oil service SF-SG; see also the
chapter "Lubrication/Engine oil".
Oil drainage
The drainage screw (5) for the crankcase oil
reservoir is located on the back of the engine.
Used engine oil is a health hazard and
legislation prohibits disposal on the
ground or in nature; it should always be
disposed of at a workshop or appropriate
disposal location. Avoid skin contact; wash
with soap and water in case of spills.


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