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Adjusting The Brake; Two Minute Rule; Cleaning & Washing - Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual

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Adjusting the brake

Overcentering type handle activites brakes.
Undo clevis pin from brake and turn clockwise to
tighten brake or counter clockwise to loosen.
Tighten so handle snaps down when locked but
unlocks easily when handle is moved forward.
Brake is properly adjusted when wheel will not turn
when you try to push or pull unit.

Two minute rule

The machine may be tipped backward or on its
side to facilitate access for cleaning or service, but
no longer than 2 minutes.
If the machine is held in this position for too long,
the engine can be damaged by gasoline draining
into the crankcase. Should this happen, perform
an extra oil change on the engine. Remove the
spark plug and turn the engine over a few
revolutions with the starter handle before starting
the engine again.
Cleaning and washing
Regular cleaning and washing will increase the
machine's lifespan. Make it a habit to clean the
machine directly after use, before the dirt sticks.
Check before rinsing that the fuel tank lid is properly
in place to avoid getting water in the tank.
Use caution when using high-pressure spray
because warning decals, instruction signs and the
engine can be damaged. Do not exceed 70 bar/
1000 PSI water pressure when cleaning.
Lubricate the machine after cleaning. This is
particularly important if the machine is to be stored.


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