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Movement/Transport; Storage; Children - Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual

Stump grinder
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To turn and steer the machine, press down on
the handle and turn on the back wheels.
Turn off the engine and allow it to cool at least 2
minutes before transport.
Collapse the handle if the machine is equipped
with a collapsible handle.
Be careful and use safe lifting and moving
techniques when loading/unloading the
We recommend having two people to lift the
Activate the parking brake during transport.
Fasten the machine properly in place with
approved fasteners, such as tension belts,
chains or rope. Always check that you are in
compliance with applicable traffic regulations
before transporting the machine.


Allow the engine to cool before storing the
machine. Never store the machine near a open
Store the machine with the fuel valve closed.
Store the machine and fuel in such a way that
there is no risk that leaking fuel or fumes can
come in contact with flames or sparks from
electrical machines, electric engines, relays,
switches, boilers or similar.
Store the machine in a locked space away from
children and adults untrained in use of the


Serious accidents can occur if you fail to be on
guard for children in the vicinity of the machine.
Never assume that children will stay put where you
last saw them.
Keep children away from the machine.
Keep children away from the work area and
under close supervision by another adult.
Keep an eye out and shut off the machine if
children enter the work area.
Never allow children to operate the machine.
Be particularly careful near corners, bushes,
trees or other objects that block your view.
We recommend having two people lift the machine.
Keep children away from the machine.
Never allow children to operate the machine.


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