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Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual page 20

Stump grinder
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The starter is of the magnapull type with spring
return. To replace the return spring or starter cord,
contact an authorized service workshop.
Starter handle
Misuse of the starter handle can damage the starter.
Do not twist the starter cord around your hand.
Pull out the handle slowly until the gears mesh. Do
not pull out the starter cord completely and do not
let go of the starter handle when extended.
Fuel valve
The fuel valve opens and closes the connection
between the tank and the carburetor.
The illustration shows the tank valve closed; to
open, turn the lever completely to the right. There
is no middle position.
Turn off the valve when the machine is not in use
to avoid flooding the carburetor.
The fuel valve is combined with a sludge reservoir.
Choke control
The choke control opens and closes the choke
valve in the carburetor. This is only used to start a
cold engine.
The image shows the choke valve open; to close,
move the lever to the left. The midway positions
can be used. When the engine starts, the lever can
be moved gradually to the right as long as it
continues to run smoothly. Forgetting the choke is
evident as the engine runs roughly and produces
black smoke.
This also results in increased fuel consumption.
Air filter
The engine air filter consists of a cyclone filter and
a fine filter.
Air is drawn in through the screen (3) on the cyclone
filter and coarser pollutants collect in the container
The fine filter, which consists of a foam rubber pre-
filter and a paper filter cartridge, is located under
the cowling (2). The cowling and the cyclone filter
can be removed by removing the wing nut (1).
See the chapter "Maintenance/Cleaning the
cyclone filter and Replacing the air filter" for cleaning
Running the machine with a dirty air filter will cause
the engine to run on partial choke and show the
same symptoms as a forgotten choke described
above. It can also be difficult to start.


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