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Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual page 23

Stump grinder
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The lever controls engine speed.
With the lever down, the engine runs at idle and
functions as start position.
When the engine speed increases, the centrifugal
clutch drive automatically engages the cutting
On/Off Engine switch on the panel
The ON/OFF engine switch can be used to stop
the engine. The illustration shows the toggle switch
in the OFF position (short circuited electrical
system). There is another switch with the same
The micro switch that is affected by the dead
man's grip bar.
To start the engine, the switch must be first set to
the ON position and the dead man's grip must be
held in.
NEVER operate a machine with a
defective brake.
The lever activates a disk brake on the left wheel
when it is pulled backwards. The brake should
always be activated when operating the grinder,
when it is parked and when it is being transported.
Adjustment bar for the handle
DO NOT pull out the adjustment bar
when the cutting wheel is rotating. There
is a great risk that you will lose control of
the machine.
As the tree stump is ground away, the handle
position will need to be adjusted. Pull the handle
backwards and set the handle at a suitable working
height. Engagement rods are spring loaded to
insure positive locking when released, but always
make sure bolts are locked into place after you
make adjustments.


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