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Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual page 9

Stump grinder
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Make sure that you always have first aid
equipment at hand when using the machine.
Make sure nobody else is in the vicinity of the
machine when you start the engine, engage the
drive or run the machine.
Make sure animals and people maintain a safe
distance from the machine.
Clear the area of objects such as stones, toys,
steel wire, etc. that could become caught in
moving machine parts and thrown out.
Find and locate all fixed objects in the ground,
such as sprinkler systems, poles, water valves,
bases for washing lines, etc. Be certain to
check for hidden electrical cables or similar in
the surface of the lawn. Always run the machine
around these objects. Never intentionally run
the machine over foreign objects.
Check that the dead man's grip and all guards
are fitted and functioning. DO NOT use the
machine if it is not working properly.
Makes sure no clothing, long hair or jewelry can
catch in moving machine parts.
Check that all safety decals are in place. See
the chapter "Location of decals".
Use mouth protection, protective gloves with
good grip and protective clothing which you can
move unrestricted. Also use leg protection to
protect your legs from sparks and the cutting
Never use the machine when barefoot. Always
wear protective shoes or protective boots with
anti-slip and preferably with steel toes.
Use a helmet with a full face visor or a mesh
visor and protective glasses. Wear approved
ear-protection when running the machine. Ask
your dealer about approved protective glasses,
ear protection and recommended helmets.
Clear the work area before beginning work.
Use appropriate equipment.
Always use approved protective clothing
and approved protective equipment when
using the machine. Protective clothing and
protective equipment cannot eliminate
the risk of accidents, but wearing proper
clothing and the correct equipment will
reduce the degree of injury should an
accident occur. Ask your dealer about
approved protective clothing and
recommended by Husqvarna.


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