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Controls - Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual

Stump grinder
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Follow all safety instructions. Failure to do so
may result in injury to yourself or others.
Accident prevention regulations, other general
safety regulations, occupational safety rules
and traffic regulations must be followed without
All users shall be trained in use of the machine.
The owner is responsible for training users.
Engage an authorized Husqvarna workshop
for all service and repairs not described in this
Husqvarna original spare parts are designed
and specified to maintain high quality and
correct fit for optimal durability and life-span.
From a safety point of view, you should only
use Husqvarna original spare parts.
Learn how to use the machine and its controls
safely and learn to recognize the safety decals.
Only use the machine for removing tree stumps.
It is not intended for any other use.
Check that the machine is in serviceable
condition prior to use; see the chapter
"Maintenance/Maintenance schedule".
Only use the machine in daylight or in other well-
lit conditions. Keep the machine a safe distance
from holes or other irregularities in the ground.
Pay attention to other possible risks.
Only allow the machine to be used by adults
who are familiar with its use.
Never allow children or persons not trained in
the use of the machine to use or service it.
Local laws may regulate the age of the user.
People and animals can distract you causing
you to lose control of the machine. For this
reason, you should always concentrate and
focus on the task at hand.
Never leave the machine unsupervised with the
engine running.
Make sure that other people are nearby when
you are using the machine so that you can call
for help should an emergency arise.
The machine is tested and approved only with
the equipment originally provided or
recommended by the manufacturer.
The engine can become very hot. To
avoid being burned, you must turn off the
engine and wait until all parts have
cooled before touching the engine.
Overexposure to vibration may lead to
circulatory or nerve damage, particularly
in people who have impaired circulation.
Contact your doctor if you experience
symptoms that could have been caused
by overexposure to vibration. Examples
of common symptoms include numbness,
pain, muscle weakness, change of skin
color or an uncomfortable feeling of
tingling. These symptoms appear most
frequently in the fingers, hands or wrists.
Never use a stump grinder that is
damaged or incorrectly adjusted. Never
use the stump grinder if any component
is missing or if it is not properly
assembled. Check that the cutting tools
stop rotating when you reduce the throttle.
If you find yourself in a situation where you
are not sure what to do, always seek
expert assistance. DO NOT try to attack
any problem you are not qualified to


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