Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna 968999239 Operator's Manual

Stump grinder


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Operator's Manual
SG13A / CE
MANUAL NO. 539109280 REV. 01 (03/08/04)


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  • Page 1 Operator’s Manual Model: 968999239 SG13A / CE MANUAL NO. 539109280 REV. 01 (03/08/04)
  • Page 2 ©2004 Husqvarna. All Rights Reserved. Printed Beatrice, Nebraska...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Stump Grinder SG13A Introduction ... 4 Congratulations ... 4 Use ... 4 Insure your machine ... 4 Good service ... 4 Serial number ... 4 Symbols and decals ... 5 Location of decals... 6 Translation of instructions ... 6 Safety instructions ...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Please contact your dealer for more information. If you sell your Husqvarna machine, make sure to give the operator’s manual to the new owner. The stump grinder is used to remove tree stumps. By moving the blade in sweeping movements laterally over the top and front of the stump, you can gradually grind it away.
  • Page 5: Symbols And Decals

    NOT follow the instructions given in the manual. Decals and machine-bound instructions Decals that are missing or illegible should be re- placed before using the machine. 1. Husqvarna logo 2. Husqvarna logo 3. General precautions 4. Exhaust warnings 5. Use ear and eye protection 6.
  • Page 6: Location Of Decals

    SYMBOLS AND DECALS Location of decals Translation of instructions Decal 3 Important information Read and make sure you understand the Operator’s Manual before use or maintenance. To obtain a replacement manual, please contact your dealer. Observe all safety instructions; otherwise you may injure yourself or others around you.
  • Page 7: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS General use The object of this manual is to help you use your Husqvarna machine safely and to give you information about how to maintain your machine. Please read the manual carefully before attempting to use the machine.
  • Page 8: Controls

    • Husqvarna original spare parts are designed and specified to maintain high quality and correct fit for optimal durability and life-span. From a safety point of view, you should only use Husqvarna original spare parts.
  • Page 9 Ask your dealer about approved protective clothing and approved protective recommended by Husqvarna. 8011-198 8011-189 equipment...
  • Page 10: Operation

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Operating • DO NOT use the machine on grades of more than 10°. • DO NOT use the machine if you are tired, if you have consumed alcohol, or if you are taking other drugs or medication that can affect your vision, judgment or coordination.
  • Page 11: Movement/Transport

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Movement/Transport • To turn and steer the machine, press down on the handle and turn on the back wheels. • Turn off the engine and allow it to cool at least 2 minutes before transport. • Collapse the handle if the machine is equipped with a collapsible handle.
  • Page 12: Fuel System

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Fuel system WARNING! Gasoline and gasoline fumes are poisonous and extremely flammable. Be especially careful when handling gasoline, as carelessness can result in personal injury or fire. • Only store fuel in containers approved for that purpose. • Never remove the fuel cap and fill the fuel tank when the engine is running.
  • Page 13: Maintenance

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Maintenance • Never make adjustments with the engine running. • Disengage the drive units, shut off the engine and wait until all moving parts come to a complete stop before making adjustments, performing maintenance or cleaning the machine. •...
  • Page 14: Protective Equipment

    PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Personal equipment Consult your Husqvarna dealer when selecting protective equipment. Our dealers have a broad assortment of equipment for professionals such as forestry workers and knowledge about occupational environment requirements and protective levels. Before using the stump grinder, you may in many cases need to cut back the object with a power saw.
  • Page 15: Set-Up

    Equipment set-up 1. Remove crate top and sides. 2. Remove upper handle bar assembly and lay aside. 3. Open bag containing loose hardware. 4. Using four (4) screws, flat washers and nuts attach the upper handle bar assembly to lower handle bar assembly.
  • Page 16 8. Attach the yoke to the brake’s top mounting hole using the clevis pin and cotter pin. Make sure the rod is positioned in the bracket as shown in Figure 4. NOTE: Adjust the brake before inserting hair pin. To engage brake, pull back on handle until brake rod assembly goes “over center”...
  • Page 17 14. Insert “L” end of throttle cable into the outside hole of the engine throttle control lever. Figure 7. 15. Attach the throttle cable to the engine using the double wire clamp removed in step nine. Figure 8. 16. Test throttle control by pulling back throttle handle on console.
  • Page 18: Controls

    Presentation Congratulations on your choice of an exceptionally high quality product. This operator’s manual describes the Husqvarna stump grinder. The machine is equipped with a 13 hp Honda four- cycle engine. Main components and operating controls 1. Handle 2. Dead man’s grip bar 3.
  • Page 19: Engine

    Engine Exterior engine components and controls. 1. Throttle 2. Starter 3. Starter handle 4. Fuel valve 5. Choke control 6. Air filter 7. Spark plug 8. Muffler 9. Oil dipstick 10. Oil drainage 11. Oil level guard 12. Engine switch - disconnected use switch on handle bar 13.
  • Page 20 Starter The starter is of the magnapull type with spring return. To replace the return spring or starter cord, contact an authorized service workshop. Starter handle Misuse of the starter handle can damage the starter. Do not twist the starter cord around your hand. Pull out the handle slowly until the gears mesh.
  • Page 21 Spark plug The engine spark plug is hidden under the ignition cable shoe. When performing service, it is important that the engine cannot start accidentally. For this reason, always remove the ignition cable shoe from the spark plug. To avoid pulling the cable, the cable shoe is equipped with a special handle;...
  • Page 22: Cutting Unit

    Fuel tank Underneath the tank, there is a fuel filter combined with the fuel valve. The tank volume is 1.72 Gal. (6.5 liters) Fueling Read the safety instructions before fueling. Keep the fuel and fuel tank clean. Avoid filling the machine with dirty fuel.
  • Page 23 Throttle The lever controls engine speed. With the lever down, the engine runs at idle and functions as start position. When the engine speed increases, the centrifugal clutch drive automatically engages the cutting wheel. On/Off Engine switch on the panel The ON/OFF engine switch can be used to stop the engine.
  • Page 24: Operation

    Starting the engine Check that all daily maintenance as described in the maintenance schedule has been performed. Check that there is sufficient fuel in the tank. Fuel valve Open the fuel valve. Place the lever all the way to the right. Choke control When starting the engine warm, the lever should be in the right position;...
  • Page 25 OPERATION Engine switch on the handle Set the toggle switch to ON. Dead man’s grip bar Hold in the bar for the dead man’s grip against the handle. 8011-185 Starter handle The dead man’s grip must be pressed in when starting the engine.
  • Page 26: Normal Shutdown

    Normal shutdown Throttle Set the throttle to SLOW/DISENGAGE. If the engine has been running full out, let it run easily for about 30 seconds to one minute at low speed. DO NOT let front of unit touch ground until you are sure cutting wheel has stopped turning.
  • Page 27: Before You Start

    Before you start Dig away the earth and remove any stones near the tree stump that may interfere with your work. Check that the ground is free of foreign objects, such as electrical cables, barbed wire, etc. Cut or trim the stump as necessary using a power saw.
  • Page 28: Using Your Stump Grinder

    Using your stump grinder WARNING! NEVER allow the blade to touch the ground until it has stopped turning. Place the cutting blade near the top front edge of the tree stump. Set the brake to lock position. Set the throttle to SLOW (START) DISENGAGE.
  • Page 29 Tilt the machine on its wheels, lifting the cutting wheel off the ground. Hold in the dead man’s grip bar and start the engine. 7. Allow the engine to warm up for two minutes at idle before grinding. 8. Set the throttle to FAST to ENGAGE clutch. IMPORTANT INFORMATION If the cutting wheel is too low, the machine may start to “climb”...
  • Page 30: Operating On Hills

    NEVER use the machine on grades of 10° or steeper. Transport The Husqvarna stump grinder can be transported in a truck, trailer, van or a large SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). The stump grinder is equipped with two lifting handles on each side so that two people can lift the machine if necessary.
  • Page 31: Maintenance

    Maintenance schedule The following is a list of maintenance procedures that MUST be performed on the machine. For those points not described in this manual, visit an authorized service workshop. Maintenance Check the engine oil level Change engine oil Check the air filter Clean the air filter Replace air filter cartridge Clean sludge reservoir for fuel system...
  • Page 32: Cleaning The Cyclone Filter

    Cleaning the cyclone filter The cyclone filter collects the largest contaminant particles, which collect in the container. When you can see a layer of dirt at the bottom of the container, the cyclone housing (4), air channels and air intake screen (3) must be cleaned.
  • Page 33: Replacing The Air Filter

    Replacing the air filter If the engine seems weak, produces black smoke or runs unevenly, the air filter may be clogged. For this reason, it is important to clean and replace the air filter regularly (see the maintenance schedule for the proper service interval). WARNING! Allow the exhaust system to cool before performing service.
  • Page 34: Cleaning The Sludge Reservoir

    Cleaning the sludge reservoir 1. Close the fuel valve. 2. Unscrew the sludge reservoir (2). Make sure not to misplace the o-ring (1). 3. Clean the reservoir and the o-ring using a cleaning solvent and dry carefully. 4. Put the o-ring in place in its track and replace the sludge reservoir.
  • Page 35: Ignition System

    Ignition system The engine is equipped with an electronic ignition system. Only the spark plug requires maintenance. For recommended spark plug, see “Technical data”. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Fitting the wrong spark plug type can damage the engine. 1. Remove the ignition cable shoe and clean around the spark plug.
  • Page 36: Adjusting The Drive Belt

    Adjusting the drive belt 1. Remove the belt guard by removing the three acorn nuts and lockwashers on the front of the belt guard. WARNING! Prevent the engine from being started by removing the ignition cable from the spark plug. 2.
  • Page 37: Disassembling & Reassembling

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION If pulley on cutter head shaft must be moved, the set screws MUST be fully removed, fresh “Loctite 242” put on threads and re-torqued to 100 - 110 in./lbs. • (17513 / 19264 N 7. Check that the pulleys are aligned using a staright edge along the inside face of the clutch and pulley.
  • Page 38: Removing & Refitting The Wheels

    WARNING! The cutters can come loose from the cutting wheel if the screws are not sufficiently tight. Comply with the recommended torque settings. Hold the teeth (30-31) in place as in the upper diagram when mounting the pockets (32-33). Risk for incorrect assembly.
  • Page 39: Adjusting The Brake

    MAINTENANCE Adjusting the brake Overcentering type handle activites brakes. Undo clevis pin from brake and turn clockwise to tighten brake or counter clockwise to loosen. Tighten so handle snaps down when locked but unlocks easily when handle is moved forward. Brake is properly adjusted when wheel will not turn when you try to push or pull unit.
  • Page 40: Lubrication

    LUBRICATION Yearly Months Weekly Daily Hours Hours Hours Hours 8011-276chg 1. Blade shaft bearings Lubricate using a grease gun until the grease squeezes out, 2 nipples (1, 2). Use good quality high temperature multilith grease (i.e. Mobilith SHC 220 or equal). 8011-215...
  • Page 41 2. Engine oil The engine should be warm (but not hot) when changing the oil. Warm oil flows out faster and leaves a smaller quantity of old oil inside the engine. 1. Place a suitable vessel underneath the oil drainage screw. Remove the oil dipstick and the oil drainage screw (5) on the back surface of the engine.
  • Page 42: Lubricating The Cables

    3. Right wheel Lubricate using a grease gun until the grease squeezes out, 1 nipple. Use good quality MP grease. Grease from well- known brand names (petrochemical companies, etc.) usually maintains a good quality. 4. Throttle cable Peel back the rubber covers at both of the cable mountings.
  • Page 43: Troubleshooting

    Symptom The engine will not start • User error • Fuel system • Spark plug • No spark after checking spark plug • Low compression Engine is gutless or runs unevenly • Air filter • Fuel system (Blue exhaust) (Voluminous blue-white exhaust) (Black exhaust) •...
  • Page 44 Problem Belt coming off. Belt engages late or slips. Belt not staying tight after adjustment. The cutting wheel does not rotate. The cutting wheel continues to rotate. The parking brake is slipping. TROUBLESHOOTING Possible solutions 1. Pulleys not aligned. 2. Belt tension is insufficient. Adjust belt tension. 1.
  • Page 45: Storage

    Service When ordering spare parts, please specify the puschase year, model, type, and serial number. Always use genuine Husqvarna parts. An annual check-up at an authorized service workshop is a good way to ensure that your machine performs its best the following season.
  • Page 46: Technical Data

    SPECIFICATIONS: Model Engine Cylinder volume Power Torque Idling speed Spark plug Fuel tank volume Tires Brake Drive Belt Clutch Cutting wheel Cutters Cutting depth Length Width Height Weight TECHNICAL DATA SG13A Honda GX390 389 cm (23.7 cu in) 13 hp (9.6 kW) at 3600 RPM 26.5 Nm at 2500 RPM 1250-1550 RPM NK BPR6ES...
  • Page 47: Wiring Diagram

  • Page 48: Service Journal

    Action Delivery service Break the packaging and make sure the machine has not been damaged in transport. Where applicable, assembly accompanying components. Check that the machine design corresponds to the customer order. Check that the right amount of oil is in the engine and transmission.
  • Page 49 SERVICE JOURNAL Action Date, stamp, signature...

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