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Free standing electric cooker
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Special residues
1. Remove burnt on sugar, melted plastic, tin foil or other materials that melt im
mediately, while still hot with a scraper.
Attention: There is a risk of burns when using the scraper on the hot cooking
2. Then clean the cooking surface in the normal way when it has cooled down.
If the cooking zone that has the melted materials on it has already cooled down,
heat it up again before cleaning it.
Scratches or dark stains on the glass ceramic surface, that have been made e. g.
by pot and pan bottoms with sharp edges, cannot be removed. However they do
not affect the cooking surface's ability to function.

Hob Frame

Important! Do not put vinegar, lemon juice or scale removers on the hob frame,
otherwise dull spots will appear.
1. Wipe the frame with a damp cloth and a little washing up liquid.
2. Soften dried dirt with a wet cloth. Then wipe off and rub dry.

Oven interior

Clean the appliance after each use. In this way, dirt is easier to clean off and is not al
lowed to burn on.
1. For cleaning, turn the oven light on.
2. After every use, wipe the oven with a solution of washing up liquid and allow to dry.
Clean stubborn dirt with a special oven cleaner.
Important: If using an oven spray, please follow the manufacturer's instructions ex


Wash all slide in units (shelf unit, baking tray, shelf support rails etc.) after each use and
dry well. Soak briefly to make them easier to clean.

Fat Filter

1. Clean the fat filter in hot water and washing up liquid or in the dishwasher.
2. Badly burned on soiling can be removed by boiling the filter in a little water to which
2 3 tablespoonsful of dishwasher cleaner has been added.
Cleaning and Care


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