What To Do If - Electrolux 41056VH User Manual

Free standing electric cooker
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What to do if ...

The cooking zones are not
The oven does not heat up
The oven lighting is not oper
If you are unable to remedy the problem by following the above sugges
tions, please contact your dealer or the Customer Care Department.
Warning! Repairs to the appliance are only to be carried out by qualified service
engineers. Considerable danger to the user may result from improper repairs.
If the appliance has been wrongly operated, the visit from the customer service
technician or dealer may not take place free of charge, even during the warranty
Advice on cookers with metal fronts:
Because of the cold surface at the front of the cooker, opening the oven door
during (or just after) baking or roasting may cause the glass to steam up.
Possible cause
Consult the operating instructions for the built in cooking sur
The oven is not switched on
The clock is not set
The required settings have not
been set
The house wiring fuse (in the
fuse box) has tripped
The oven light bulb is faulty
What to do if ...
Switch the oven on
Set the current time on the
Check the settings
Check the fuse. If the fuses trip
a number of times, please call
an authorised electrician.
Replace the oven bulb


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