Tips On Baking - Electrolux 41056VH User Manual

Free standing electric cooker
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Tips on Baking

Baking results
The cake is not browned
enough underneath
The cake sinks (becomes
soggy, lumpy, streaky)
Cake is too dry
Cake browns unevenly
Cake does not cook in the
baking time given
Possible cause
Wrong oven level
Oven temperature too high
Baking time too short
Too much liquid in the mixture
Oven temperature too low
Baking time too long
Oven temperature too high and
baking time too short
Mixture is unevenly distributed
Grease filter is inserted
Temperature too low
Grease filter is inserted
Uses, Tables and Tips
Place cake lower
Use a slightly lower setting
Set a longer baking time
Baking times cannot be re
duced by setting higher tem
Use less liquid.
Pay attention to mixing times,
especially if using mixing ma
Set oven temperature higher.
Set a shorter baking time
Set a lower oven temperature
and a longer baking time
Spread the mixture evenly on
the baking tray
Take out the grease filter
Use a slightly higher oven set
Take out the grease filter


Table of Contents

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